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GrainSpace Accessories

Screen Pan

Replacement enamel pans for your grain screens, allows you to identify seeds and insects much more quickly and easily. Specifically fitted for use with CBH endorsed screens. May not fit well with imitation screens.

Inspection Tray

Specifically designed by GrainSpace for use in conjunction with your grain screens. Durable, easy to store and useful in the assessment of weed seeds and contaminants for all grains, pulses and oil seed commodities.

Balance Protector

Designed specifically to protect and prolong the lifetime of your balance in a laboratory or sample stand setting. Provides 360° protection, complete with closable lid allowing easy access to balance when required and sturdy protection at those times when its not being used.

Versaflo Helmet Kit

Ideal for over-rail loading. Protect your staff from grain dust with filtered air delivered to the wearer by the Versaflo. Eye and face protection also combined in order to safeguard against dust and other harmful particulate matter. Optional hearing protection also comes as standard.

The Grainspace selected kit comes with rechargeable high capacity lithium ion batteries boasting 10-12 hours of battery life and a belt-mounted air filtration device that connects to the helmet via a breathing tube (as pictured).

Light Board

Tool to aid visual recognition in defects – particularly in finding cracks in maze grains. Features a backlit white 225mm x 320mm workspace. This lightweight, slim and convenient device comes with an adjustable brightness of the pad is adjustable for when you require a different level of lighting. Powered with mains power so you can have it running indefinitely.

3 Stoney Way, Derrimut, Victoria 3030 (03) 9394 1128