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GrainSpace Falling Number Testing Products

Perten 1000 FN Unit

Perten’s newest and most modern falling number model. Recognised industry leader in falling number testing. It offers a dual analysis system enabling reliable analysis and high capacity. Faster, safer and easier to use than other models in its class.


  • Automatic water level control
  • Altitude correction to auto-correct for low atmospheric pressure
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface
  • Optimized analysis time: The Perten 1000 can be set to a target FN value which, once reached, will push down the stirrers and report the results as greater than the target value i.e.”300+”
  • Training and accessories available.

Perten 3100 Laboratory Mill

The 3100 is a hammer mill with an in-built robust metal construction and has been insulated to reduce noise level. It is suitable for Falling Number and NIR analysis. It has a cyclone sample outlet for convenient sample collection which also acts as a self-cleaning feature, diminishing the need to clean the mill between grindings. Hassle free grinding guaranteed.

Fumex LF Dust Hood & Filter

As part of GrainSpaces continuing innovations to deal with fugitative dust, the Fumex LF is an effective and flexible dust solution that is recommended and supplied by GrainSpace in conjuenction for grain milling activities. As standard, it includes a fan and filter in a single unit which comes in two separate designs and sizes to best serve your filtration needs.


Perten FN 1310 System

For the bussiness on a budget. The Perten 1310 falling number system is designed for fast and convenient operation of the Falling Number test. The high quality standards to which the FN 1310 is built, will offer many years of trouble-free operation.

3 Stoney Way, Derrimut, Victoria 3030 (03) 9394 1128